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Daikin heat pump convector solution for Daikin Altherma yields 25 to 45% increase in efficiency


Daikin heat pump convector with interlink function addresses common problems of heating efficiency.

In new and well insulated dwellings the combination of underfloor heating and low temperature radiators is among the most efficient heating solutions on the market, albeit not a perfect one. Whilst the low leaving water temperatures important for efficiency are adequate for underfloor heating, traditional radiators need to be oversized in order to produce the necessary levels of heat at low water temperatures and they do not offer a cooling option. With fan coils, there can be sound level limitations in certain applications. Daikin Europe has now addressed these issues with the introduction of a new heat pump convector solution, complete with interlink function.

Heat pump convector: small, quiet, quick and efficient

The new and compact Daikin heat pump convector easily produces the required levels of heat at low leaving water temperatures and can heat up a room quickly and quietly (noise levels down to 19 dBA), making it also ideal for bedrooms. A handy remote control with built in weekly timer allows easy control of the unit, including room temperature, fan speed, automatic or night mode and rapid heating or cooling.

Optimum water temperatures to underfloor elements and convectors

In order to maximise the efficiency of the heat pump convector, Daikin has developed an interlink system. Instead of switching the leaving water circuit on and off via a thermostat in a single master room, each convector can be directly wired to the Daikin Altherma indoor unit (hydrobox) or Daikin Altherma Low Temperature Monobloc unit – the system’s intelligence centre. This allows all rooms to receive heat when required, regardless of the condition of the other rooms. In addition to taking account of outdoor ambient temperature, it can intelligently control the leaving water temperature as a function of underfloor heating demand, convector demand or both. This increases efficiency by 25-40%, with COPs between 3 and 4 depending on mode.

Installation flexibility

In highly insulated buildings, an optimum leaving water temperature of 35°C is suitable for both the underfloor heating and convectors. This is the simplest level of installation. In other situations however, a two zone solution is possible: 35°C water to the underfloor elements and 45°C to the convectors. Optimum outlet water temperature is assured in all circumstances by using the interlink system with optimised leaving water temperatures.

The facility of two water temperature zones also increases flexibility with respect to cooling. If refurbishment projects do not allow the installation of a drain pipe to remove condensation, a single zone solution can be chosen, with 18°C water temperature safely transmitted to both underfloor elements and convectors (a Daikin first) and without the risk of condensation. If drain piping is possible, a two zone solution can be applied: 18°C to the underfloor elements and 7°C to the convectors.

The new Daikin heat pump convector solution is available for both Daikin Altherma and heat pump chiller solutions.

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