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Daikin Roundflow Cassettes Provide


Coy Ponds Business Park is an elegant new commercial development, close to Poole in Dorset and nearing completion. The complex, at present comprising 2 self contained buildings, offers office suites between 93 and 260m2 and is finished to an exceptionally high standard with particular attention paid to architectural detail.

Twelve individual open plan suites of high grade accommodation are available – Building 1 has 7 independent office areas over 3 floors whilst Building 2 has a single open plan area on each of 5 floors. All floors are separately air conditioned by Daikin Sky Air RZQ Super Inverter heat pump systems with capacities between 9.1 and 24.4kW (cooling) and 11.2 to 27kW (heating), designed and installed by Cold Service Ltd, Ringwood, Dorset.

Seven Sky Air systems handle Building 1 with a further 5 looking after Building 2. EERs and COPs for the systems vary between 2.81/3.71 and 3.21/3.61 respectively. All outdoor condensing units are located at roof level on both buildings. Conditioned air for the light and airy office areas is delivered by a total of 47 Daikin FCQ ‘Roundflow’ ceiling cassette indoor fan coil units to maintain internal design temperatures of 220 C in summer and 210 C in winter.

The Roundflow cassette, introduced recently by Daikin, is currently unique in the UK market in that it offers complete 3600 radial conditioned air discharge, which not only ensures against localised draughts but also provides a more uniform air distribution.

Fresh air for the fan coil units is provided by Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation units, which modulate the temperature and humidity of the incoming fresh air and match it to prevailing indoor conditions. This enables the mechanical ventilation cooling and heating loads place upon the air conditioning systems to be reduced considerably. All VAM heat recovery ventilation units and air conditioning systems are monitored and controlled by remote wall mounted room temperature controllers.

Commenting on the installation, a Cold Service spokesman states: “our choice of the new Daikin Roundflow cassettes was based primarily on their ability to provide 360 degree air distribution but also their shallow 214mm depth enabled them to fit comfortably into the 225mm ceiling voids. “In addition, the VAM units could be integrated into the same control systems governing the air conditioning.”

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