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Daikin VRV®III heat recovery with hot water production increases system efficiency


Combining the new Daikin REYAQ-P VRV® III Heat Recovery system with an HXHD hydrobox extends the advantages of heat recovery throughout the year. As well as the normal VRV®III heat recovery benefits the free recovered heat can also be used to produce hot water, thereby satisfying a year-round domestic hot water requirement or to provide heating to radiators or under floor elements.

Super efficiency

Standard VRV®III technology employs Daikin variable refrigerant volume technology and inverter control to ensure optimal compressor efficiency. The addition of heat recovery further enhances overall efficiency by using the free heat obtained from cooling one part of a building to warm another part of the same building. This arrangement is ideal for moderate outdoor temperatures in which part of the building needs heating and the other part cooling, due to its orientation to the sun or to room occupancy.

Even more efficient

The new REYAQ-P VRV® III Heat Recovery system supports connection of the HXHD hydrobox, which allows recovered heat to be used to produce domestic hot water and hot water for under floor heating or radiator heating. The year-round demand for domestic hot water extends the possibilities for using recovered heat to all four seasons. Connection ratios up to 200% are possible — 100% of compressor capacity is used for cooling with the resultant recovered heat fully utilised for hot water production. When heating and cooling loads are balanced in this way, the system is at its most efficient, doubling the efficiency it obtains in cooling only or heating only mode.

During winter, when insufficient recovered heat is available, the energy efficient VRV®III outdoor unit takes up the slack and even in this mode, hot water production is 17% more efficient than a traditional gas boiler solution.

Plug and play design and simple connection to water circuit.

The hydrobox includes all the connections, pumps, filter and valves to connect to a water circuit and can be stacked along with its domestic hot water tank for installation flexibility. Intelligent control of the water temperature eliminates the need for a mixing valve by producing the precise required leaving water temperature. Alternatively, a weather dependant floating set point can be established whereby a higher water temperature will be selected for lower outdoor temperatures in order to satisfy increased heating demand. Conversely, at higher temperatures, a lower water temperature will be chosen for increased energy efficiency. Leaving water temperatures up to 80°C are possible without an auxiliary heater.

Several domestic hot water tanks are available. The EKHTS-A domestic hot water tank is available in 200 and 260 litre versions, and offers super quick heat-up from 10°C to 50°C in 60 minutes. The EKHWP-A is available in 300 and 500 litre versions and supports connection to a solar collector for even more efficient domestic hot water production.

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