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Daikin Water Cooled VRV Systems Delivered to 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadia


Visitors to the June 2010 World Cup stadia in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth will enjoy the benefits of air conditioning provided by Daikin water cooled VRV systems.

Water cooled VRV systems comprising 170 outdoor and 351 indoor units have been supplied by Daikin Air Conditioning South Africa (Pty) Ltd, to the currently under construction Green Point Stadium, Cape Town and the recently completed Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth. The 68,000 capacity Green Point Stadium, which will host semi and quarter final matches among others, is the first ‘intelligent’ stadium in South Africa and as its name suggests, is being built to environmentally conscious standards around a combination of 63 Daikin outdoor and 113 indoor units. All electrical equipment, including facility lighting, air conditioners and elevators are controlled centrally in order to maintain maximum energy efficiency.

The 48, 000 capacity Nelson Mandela Stadium, also built to similar Daikin energy saving concepts and hosting quarter final, third place consolation and some other matches, is fitted with 107 Daikin outdoor and 238 indoor units.

Conventional thinking to date concerning air conditioning sports complexes has tended to favour plant room based large capacity chillers. However, since the new South African stadia are designed as multi purpose facilities in which layouts can vary considerably from event to event, an alternative high energy efficient type of system was sought that could be precisely controlled and be flexible enough to air condition each area individually. The choice of Daikin water cooled VRV systems to these advanced sports stadia reflects their ability to deliver substantial savings in power consumption combined with close control over individual unit operation.

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