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Dance to the warmth of Bolero


Torvill and Dean won’t be the only ones dancing to Bolero following the launch of Aeon’s curvaceous new radiator.

A bold marriage of vertical rectangular brushed stainless steel columns contrasted with horizontal tubular bars, Bolero is undoubtedly a stylish sculptural design. However, with outputs of 526 – 1419 watts it also ensures that warmth is a high priority.

Ideal in kitchens and bathrooms, where the horizontal sections can be used as towel rails without compromising on heat delivery, this radiator is set to define new standards of contemporary heating. Bolero is available in three heights, 636mm, 1066mm and 1506mm, all 300mm wide. It is suitable for a variety of room sizes and is suitable for electric, hot water and dual fuel installations. Prices start at £833 + VAT.

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