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detectomat's RCP 6B – Wireless detect chosen by HMO landlords in Gloucester


HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) continue to be a rapidly expanding sector of the UK’s residential building stock and detectomat’s Wireless detect fire alarm system supplied by CIS Wire-Free Alarms of Stroud has been chosen by a number of landlords in the Gloucestershire area as a fast and effective, no mess solution to their fire detection requirements.

Martyn Young of CIS says “Landlords want a safe environment for their tenants but they also want to avoid the inconvenience – mess and potential damage to decoration associated with installing conventional fire alarm systems and we propose the detectomat system because it’s a reliable, fast fix, no damage solution, which can be installed in hours as opposed to days.”

The detectomat Wireless detect system includes optical smoke detectors with integral sounders (no need for separate sounders), break-glass call points and heat detectors. The primary means of automatic detection and alarm is detectomat’s HDv3000 system standard, third party certified, self-contained smoke alarm, which is combined in a radio network with other field devices and a six zone panel to form a wire-free, radio fire alarm system. Reduced installation time is a significant advantage and whereas a conventional system may take 10 days to install, the detectomat system takes typically less than 8 hours, an obvious benefit for landlords when considering their requirements. In many applications there are also direct as well as indirect cost savings from using a wireless solution but the main decision factors are usually minimum installation time, disruption, mess and potential damage to the building fabric and decoration.

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