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DINtegra – Din-Rail Mounted Digital Metering System


WITHAM – December 11, 2007 – The new multifunction DIN-rail mounted Crompton Instruments DINtegra 1260 digital metering system from Tyco Electronics’ Energy Division, provides programmable measurement, display and communication of up to 50 major electrical and power quality parameters, including true rms system values.

The new DIN-rail mounted enclosure offers a simple menu-driven user interface on the front panel. The set button enables simple programming, configuration and adjustment of selected communication options. Parameters are displayed on a high contrast, 5-line, 3-digit LED display. Programmable pulsed outputs, digital inputs and RS485 communication port, all as standard, enable direct connection to SCADA systems using the Modbus RTU protocol.

DINtegra 1260 series devices offer uncomplicated measurement of three phase voltage, current, frequency, Watts, VAr, VA, energy kWh, power factor, min/max values and total harmonic distortion.

Designed for all low and medium voltage applications such as switchgear and distribution systems, control panels, utility power monitoring and process control, DINtegra 1260 series devices offer programmable VT and CT ratio capability. Direct connection up to 300Vac L-N (500V L-L) with 5A CT inputs.

Furthermore, DINtegra 1260 digital metering systems offer optional dual pulsed outputs. Each output can be user programmed to represent import or export kWh, import or export kVArh or kVAh. Output pulses can be customised by the user programmable pulse rate divisor (opto isolated, open collector type).

An added feature is digital inputs which can be used to monitor the status of other electrical equipment eg. Thermostats, circuit breakers, water meters, pumps, etc.

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