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Discover Triton’s Green Roof Drainage Membranes


A new brochure covering the Isola Platon ‘Plaza’ range of cavity drain membranes for horizontal external constructions is now available via Triton Chemicals. As the exclusive UK distributors of Norwegian manufactured Isola Platon membranes, Triton can give advice on and supply cavity drain membranes for a variety of applications.

The new Plaza brochure focuses on membranes specially developed for horizontal waterproofing and drainage applications such as tiled terraces, balconies, walkways and ballasted roofs, flat green or living roofs, artificial turf and landscaped green roofs and car parks.

All products within the Plaza range are manufactured from high quality virgin materials, are completely damp proof and resistant to all chemicals normally used in construction.

Products within the Plaza range include Platon DE25, widely used throughout Europe and Scandinavia to create a drainage and water storage layer above the waterproofing layer in green roof systems. DE25 is easy to install, delivers an efficient means of drainage in wet weather and keeps plants green and healthy during dry spells.

Triton also manufactures a wide range of damp proofing and timber preservation products, please call 020 8310 3929 or visit www.triton-chemicals.com for more information and to request copies of Plaza and other product literature.

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