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Don't Waste Time Re-Fuelling! Bring the Fuel to YOU!


Transfuel is the first integrally bunded, portable, plastic-on-plastic, diesel tank on the market. Designed to transport and dispense your fuel in compliance with all relevant regulations, these time-saving and money-saving tanks allow you to transport 430 litres of diesel (or bio diesel up to B7) by simply loading the tank onto any suitable vehicle and delivering it directly to site. Best of all…because Transfuel features integral bunding as standard, you can legally dispense your fuel from a static location without the need for additional bunding!

Transfuel allows you to access areas of construction, agricultural or industrial sites, that tankers simply cannot reach. Bringing the fuel to site via a Transfuel portable diesel tank means that you can avoid unnecessary downtime and save money in the process.

(suitable Transfuel tanks are also available for transporting a variety of alternative liquids on request.)

In addition to transporting your fuel to site, Transfuel also enables you to dispense your diesel with virtually no effort via a factory fitted 50l/m Piusi By-Pass 3000 fuel pump, a 4 metre delivery hose and auto shut-off delivery nozzle.

What makes Transfuel so unique?

The first thing that makes Transfuel different, is the material used. The high quality polyethylene used to manufacture Transfuel prevents your tank from corrosion. This also makes Transfuel tanks light in weight and therefore, easy to transport.

What regulations should I be aware of in transporting my fuel?

The key regulations which you should consider before transporting fuel are:

  • The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (commonly known as ADR).
  • The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001*

Does Transfuel comply with these regulations?

Yes. Transfuel tanks comply with and exceed ALL of the above regulations. In addition, as per EA Guidance notes and in compliance with applicable Control of Pollution regulations, Transfuel portable diesel tanks feature integral bunding as standard – meaning that unlike any other plastic mobile bowser, you can use Transfuel while dispensing fuel from a static location without the need for additional bunding or spill trays.

For more information on Transfuel or to request a brochure, contact Harlequin Plastics at info@harlequinplastics.co.uk or call +44 (0) 28 9261 1077

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