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Dulux Trade Sheds More Light on the Situation


Ground breaking LumiTec technology is behind Light & Space, the latest innovation from Dulux Trade. This pioneering new colour range reflects up to twice as much light*, making rooms look and feel more spacious and contributing to potential energy savings.

Light & Space uses cleaner tinting recipes and paint components resulting in surfaces that are more reflective and less absorbent of natural or artificial light. As such, significantly more light is effectively reflected and distributed around a space.

Smaller windows and energy efficient, or lower wattage, light bulbs are increasingly being used throughout building design and fit outs, following demands by Building Regulations Approved Document Part L that as little energy as possible is lost through the building fabric and fittings. However, this does affect the levels of light in a room. Dulux Trade’s new Light & Space colour range has been developed to combat this problem.

Tests have shown that when comparing Light & Space with a standard paint of similar hue and chroma it is possible to have up to 20%** smaller windows and yet still achieve the same levels of light within a room. When it comes to distributing artificial light, Light & Space has also been proven to achieve the same average level of illumination, using up to 20%** less lighting energy.

Ian Bradshaw, Group Brand Manager for Dulux Trade, said: “Now lighter doesn’t have to mean whiter. The innovative new Light & Space colour range means that, for the first time, designers aren’t restricted to using white paint to brighten up a room. With 27 colours available, designers aren’t just contributing to the demands of Part L, it will also be easier to meet Part M guidelines at the same time. A truly functional, aesthetically superior solution.”

Light & Space can be specified in Diamond Matt or Flat Matt finishes.

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