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Eaton Integrates at the Solar Hub, Ecobuild 2011


Eaton’s new integrated PV Switch & Surge Unit, developed in conjunction with Solarcentury, the UK’s most experienced solar company, is specifically for use in residential photovoltaic (PV) installations and will be in the spotlight at the Solar Hub at Ecobuild 2011. The Solar Hub is the central focus for solar energy at this year’s exhibition and Eaton will also be showing consumer units configured for the easy connection of a solar array. Eaton and Solarcentury will also give a presentation in the Solar Hub’s on-stand seminar theatre on the theme of electrical components for PV systems.

For safety reasons and to aid maintenance, solar PV installations must always include a DC isolator for power coming from the solar panels and an AC isolator for power flowing from the inverter. Surge protection devices are also recommended for both the DC and AC circuits. In the past, these requirements have usually been met using devices mounted in separate enclosures; a cumbersome approach that unnecessarily extends the time taken to install and wire a system and adds additional cost.

Eaton’s new combined PV Switch & Surge Unit, developed in conjunction with Solarcentury, solves this problem by providing DC and AC isolators and surge protection devices pre-wired in a single compact enclosure. As a result, there is only one unit to install and the amount of wiring needed on site is minimised. Installation and wiring time is further reduced by the provision of ready-fitted terminals and glands for other connections, while safety is enhanced by the use of industry standard solar connectors for the wiring from the solar panels.

At the Solar Hub, Eaton is showing its new PV Switch & Surge Unit alongside a consumer unit from its popular Memera range, which incorporates a dedicated protection way for connection to the PV system. The PV Switch & Surge Unit has been designed with the same form factor as a consumer unit, allowing a neat and attractive installation to be readily achieved.

To complement the products on show, experts from Eaton and Solarcentury are making a series of informative presentations in the Solar Hub. These explain the importance of using appropriate switching and protection devices in solar PV installations to ensure both safety and convenience. In addition, the presentations include valuable guidance on the selection of suitable components.

Eaton’s experts will also be available at the Solar Hub throughout the exhibition to provide visitors with advice and guidance on devising solutions for specific applications, with the emphasis on combining safety, performance and convenience with value for money.

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