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EATON Keeps a Watch On Energy at Housing


At HOUSING 2010, Eaton, an expert in the management of electrical power, is launching some new additions to their range of consumer units with integrated energy monitoring facilities. These innovative products are an ideal choice not only for environmentally aware homeowners who want to keep a close eye on their electricity usage, but will also be of interest to local authorities that are striving to meet the requirements laid down in National Indicator 186 for reductions in CO2 emissions.

The new consumer units, which are part of Eaton’s popular and well-proven Memera product family, offer important benefits. The efergy wireless energy monitoring system transmitter is pre-installed by Eaton, so the inconvenience and potential hazards associated with fitting current sensors supplied as separate items are eliminated. In addition, the sensor transmitters get their power direct from the consumer unit, so no batteries are needed.

Memera consumer units with energy monitoring are available in main switch isolator controlled and dual RCCB versions to comply with the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations. Both versions transmit data wirelessly to a remote LCD display that shows energy usage and costs in real time. The device also stores historical information about energy costs, usage and CO2 emissions for up to 24 months.

Sharing the spotlight on the Eaton stand are products from the innovative Xcomfort wireless home automation range. The Xcomfort system has been specifically developed to provide convenient control and monitoring for all electrical equipment in the home, including lighting and heating, enabling a user to maximize energy savings, comfort, safety and security.

Bi-directional wireless operation provides exceptional flexibility, as switches and controllers can be sited exactly where they are needed without concerns over access for cabling, and it also helps to minimise installation costs. A further benefit is that Xcomfort products can readily be retrofitted to existing premises with no risk of damage to structure or decorations.

Visitors to the Eaton stand at HOUSING 2010 will also be able to see the new COPA range of wiring accessories, which features clip-on fascia plates that make it easy to match the appearance of the items with the room dǸcor, and which have no visible fixing screws. These accessories can be installed, energized and tested safely without the fascia plates. Finishing trades can then decorate right up to the accessories without risk of damage and, when the work is complete, the fascias can be simply clipped into place quickly and easily.

Throughout the exhibition, experienced engineers from Eaton will be available on the stand to discuss and explain the benefits of the company’s products for housing applications, and to help visitors to identify the best and most cost-effective products for their own specific applications.

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