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With the latest range of enclosed meterpacks from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, sub-load check metering facilities can be added easily and conveniently to almost any new or existing electrical distribution installation. The meterpacks provide an ideal way of satisfying the growing demand for detailed metering of electricity usage as an aid to saving energy and to meeting the requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations.

Eaton’s new meterpacks comprise a multifunction MID-compliant digital meter with its associated CTs, and convenient studs for bolted lug “in and out” connections, all ready assembled and wired in a rugged industrial steel enclosure. No time consuming assembly or wiring is, therefore, required on site and, as every meterpack is fully tested prior to despatch, correct operation is guaranteed.
Easy installation is ensured by removable steel top and bottom gland plates, and by the provision of ample space within the enclosures for cabling.

The meterpacks can be supplied with meters that offer pulsed outputs, or both pulsed and RS 485 (Modbus) outputs, thereby allowing easy interfacing with almost any type of energy or building management system. Pulse-only versions are available to suit loads up to 400 A, while pulse plus RS 485 versions have a maximum rating of 320 A.

Enclosure type and size depends on the meter rating. The 400 A and 320 A versions use enclosures that are uniform with those of Eaton’s MEM series of Glasgow distribution products, while the 125 A versions use enclosures that are uniform with Eaton’s MEM series of Exel 2 products.

For use with Glasgow and Exel 2 products, the meterpacks are supplied complete with ready terminated jumper cables as a further aid to speedy installation. All units in the range are, however, equally suitable for use in standalone applications in conjunction with almost any type of distribution equipment.

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