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Eaton Switchboards Set New Standards!


Eaton’s Electrical Sector has announced that its versatile xEnergy modular switchboard system has been verified by testing as fully meeting the requirements of BS EN 61439-1 and BS EN 61439-2, the new UK standards for low voltage switchgear assemblies, which were published in January 2010. This provides specifiers and users of xEnergy products with the highest level of confidence in their performance and safety, as well as invaluable future proofing.

The xEnergy system is also compliant with the older and now obsolescent standard, BS EN 60439-1, which specifiers may continue to use until November 2014, should they choose to do so. The xEnergy modular switchboard system has been designed to allow users maximum flexibility in configuration, so that they can easily build assemblies that accurately meet their own particular requirements. The system is made up of fully tested function modules, which have internal separation up to Form 4.

xEnergy switchboards can accommodate incomers and bus-section switches with ratings up to 4,000A and outgoing sections with switching and protective devices rated up to 630A. The system supports three-pole, four-pole and three-pole-plus-neutral configurations, making it suitable for all normal industrial and commercial applications.

In addition to the power sections, control sections can also be provided as required to accommodate, for example, motor starters, power factor correction modules, variable speed drives, soft starters and automation solutions. Empty sections can readily be incorporated in the assemblies to allow for easy future expansion. The xEnergy system has been developed from the outset to satisfy today’s requirements for detailed monitoring of energy usage. It offers extensive provision for the inclusion of metering and sub-metering, making it easy for users to comply with Part L2 of the Building Regulations and similar legislation. Eaton offers its Moeller xEnergy switchboards in flat-packed versions that make storage and handling easy, or in partially assembled versions that reduce the assembly time needed after delivery. The boards can be arranged to comply with specific national requirements, such as DIN, VDE, CEI, NF and UNE, allowing them to be used as the basis for customised solutions for many different markets around the world.

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