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ECO-LOGIC ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 1 – Transcript to support learning


‘Product innovations designed to meet modern specification needs for Washroom and Bathroom Systems in Workspaces and Residential environments’

ECO-LOGIC ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 1 – Transcript to support learning

Every effort has been made to flawlessly transcribe the interview to support learning but please consider the recorded audio of the interview as the actual source of information for learning purposes.

Hi this is Mick de Leiburne for BusinessNet Explorer.  

And welcome to the latest edition of our Project Viewpoint series of interviews – with Brand Leaders in the Construction & Building Services industry where we look at the brands that are continually innovating in a marketplace ever hungry for state-of-the-art product and service solutions to meet specific industry needs.

In this edition we look at saving water, saving energy, saving money and improving health and safety, all really important issues for people and our planet and there is one innovative brand that has developed a product range that supports all of these objectives. The ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense product range, already successfully being utilised in specialist environments such as secure, leisure, healthcare and education, is now receiving growing interest with specifiers and building designers working on projects for more mainstream environments, such as offices and residential properties as these issues are now increasingly under the spotlight and clearly on the agenda for everyone. 

We are joined today by Dudley Moore, a design consultant for the ECO-LOGIC brand an innovative brand with a revolutionary design concept that has now been at the forefront of water and energy management in a variety of sectors for many years.

Dudley joins us on the phone….Hi Dudley and welcome to the Project Viewpoint podcast for the Construction & Building Services industry and thank you for joining us today.

Hello and thanks for inviting me to talk about Trans-Sense.

You’re very welcome!  Dudley, before we look at specification considerations relating to modern washroom and bathroom systems for Residential and Workplace projects, can you tell us a little about what Trans-Sense offers specifiers and building designers, that has already led to specification success in many sectors?  

OK, from an overall specification viewpoint, the Trans-Sense sensor is the ideal product for control of taps, WC’s, urinals and blockage sensing of urinals and WC’s etc.  I say ‘ideal product’ as it covers all relevant aspects of health and safety, sustainability and maintenance.

The Eco-Logic Electronic Trans-Sense sensing system offers Non-Touch or Touch Sensing.

If you set it in the non-touch mode, the sensor provides a high standard for health and safety as the non-touch sensing system eliminates cross contamination. It is also easy to use, and provides a clean unobtrusive wall surface due to the sensor being fitted behind the wall/panel surfaces.  This also makes the product vandal resistant and ligature proof, therefore ideal for those specifications.

The safety focus is increased even further as our product range is run from ultra-low voltage 6V DC power supply or 6V batteries.  Our 230V-6V power supplies include battery backup, which also then allows use of the sanitary ware under mains power failure.

So Trans-Sense is clearly very specifiable from a health and safety perceptive, how about from a sustainability viewpoint?

Water and energy are saved as the controls can be set to the client’s exact operating and fill time requirements, eliminating waste of water and energy (that’s if hot water is used of course).

Perfect for cost savings as well, and finally how about from a maintenance perspective?  

For urinals the sensor is installed on the waste pipe, again providing clean wall surfaces which architects like to provide. Due to the sensor being fitted behind the wall, there is no accessibility by vandals to damage the sensors and providing an uncluttered wall surface and hence a luxury finish to the area, which the architects like of course.

The Trans-Sense sensor can also be used for blockage sensing for urinals and WC’s. Blockages in urinals and WC’s are a large problem in many installations.

For this specification, two sensors are fitted, one before the trap, the other sensor is fitted on the waste pipe after the trap.

The Trans-Sense blockage system can be linked to an LED control panel in the Facilities’ office or connected to a computer system, which will indicate when a blockage occurs. The system will automatically shut down the urinal or WC if a blockage occurs, sending the information back to the indicating panel or central computer to be attended to by maintenance staff.

So, clearly from an overall Project Viewpoint, the Trans-Sense product range seems to cover all the bases?

Yes, Architects specify the Trans-Sense sensor system because it provides them with simpler installation, uncluttered surfaces, improved health and safety, sustainability, ease of maintenance and hence a more luxurious environment.

And what are the issues that the Trans-Sense system can solve in particular in an office environment? 

The main issues are: Management of Water and Energy costs, Blockages in urinals and WC’s are a large problem in many installations, Vandalism, Cross contamination.

The Trans-Sense system provides the ideal product to specify for urinals, taps and WC’s used throughout toilet blocks in offices, providing high standards for health and safety to the user together with a luxury modern environment with water and energy saving and lower maintenance costs to the client.

How about in a residential setting?

The main issues are: Management of Water and Energy costs, Simplicity of Use and Cross contamination.

The Trans-Sense Non-Touch system is the ideal specification for the WC operation in the residential market….alongside our Touch Sense sensing systems for other areas.

The main products specified being our range of bath filling and shower controls.

And although these products are attractive for the high-end luxury market, they also offer the wider market, throughout the whole residential housing sector, simplicity of use, improved health and safety together with substantial water and energy savings.

And how about for the Elderly and Disabled sector?

The products are especially useful for the elderly and disabled sector of the market.

The bath fill controllers can be provided with or without an automatic closing waste (which is an excellent product to benefit for the elderly and the disabled). The automatic waste is also sold as an individual product. The products can be locally or remotely operated either by additional sensing panels or via a computer/telephone interface operation.

Our whole range of electronic taps, sink fill and WC controls, together with the bath fill and shower products offer a comprehensive product range for the residential housing market.

The important point is that we need to work with the client/building developer and their architects to design the system to provide the most effective controls and design finish relevant to cost considerations they require together with the water and energy savings the products can provide…

And Dudley – what is your vision of the future for water and energy management – what are the next steps in the evolution of technology for these fields?

Many of the ECO-LOGIC new systems being specified, especially for the commercial markets, are for all the sanitary ware, lighting, heating, TV etc. to have local and central computer control.

This provides complete feedback and operational control throughout the building, providing for water and energy saving and monitoring, health and safety control issues, with full maintenance requirements and feedback together with documented history information, which is very important these days.

And this will continue to be the evolving format for systems and products specified for the future residential market, because as is the norm now, electronics and automatic feedback and control systems are playing a larger and larger part of our domestic life patterns.

Well, Dudley thank you for joining us today for this latest edition of the BNE Product News ‘Project Viewpoint’ podcast series. The ECO-LOGIC brand is clearly one of the leading lights in this key segment of the industry and setting the pace in many product areas with innovations such as the Trans-Sense product range. It has been a pleasure talking with you and we wish the ECO-LOGIC brand continued success for the future.   

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in ‘Project Viewpoint’.

You’re very welcome.



For more information about the ECO-LOGIC range of products go to www.ecologicuk.com


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