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ECO-LOGIC ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 2 – Transcript to support learning


‘How adding the ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense range of ‘non-touch’ sensor products at an early stage in Washroom and Bathroom system designs can help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in a variety of settings’

ECO-LOGIC ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast – Transcript to support learning

Every effort has been made to flawlessly transcribe the interview to support learning but please consider the recorded audio of the interview as the actual source of information for learning purposes.

Hi this is Mick de Leiburne and welcome to this special edition of the BNE Product News ‘Brand Leader’ podcast for the Construction & Building Services industry, where we look at product innovations that meet the evolving specification needs for product specifiers. In this edition we look at the latest challenges for Washroom and Bathroom System specification in a variety of settings. 

Well, the Covid-19 virus is rapidly bringing to the forefront, more than ever before, the urgent necessities for Architects, Interior Designers, Building Services Engineers and building owners to, where possible, specify products that can help to eliminate the spread of the virus and any other existing and future viruses and diseases in all building sectors.

So, for starters, Non-Touch would be good – to provide a high standard of health and safety, and then, what if you could also throw in Attractive Design, Simple to Install and Ultra Safe to use, add to that Easy Clean Surfaces, Anti Vandal/Ligature design for special projects such as hospitals, secure buildings, schools and other public use buildings, along with Substantial Water and Energy Saving and the icing on the cake: Smart Home and Central Computer Control.  

Well, Coverway Ltd’s ECO-LOGIC electronic Trans-Sense ‘sensing product’ range offers all of these characteristics and benefits – to a whole variety of building projects.

And Dudley Moore, Design Consultant Engineer for the ECO-Logic range and a popular guest on this podcast, now joins us on the phone to tell us more:

Hi Dudley

Hello Mick

Well Dudley, Trans-Sense is clearly a highly specifiable product on many levels, but today let’s talk about the detail, very appropriately for these times, relating to the Health & Safety issue of what influences specification of Trans-Sense to mitigate the spread of bacteria and viruses. Can you first give us an Overview on how Trans-Sense meets the needs for this element of specification for the product type?

The Trans-Sense non touch sensor product range is the ideal product to be specified for the control of Sanitary ware for basins and sink Taps, WC’s, Urinals, Bath Fill to any level you want, Showering and other items such as for Non-Touch Door, Cupboard door and Drawer opening/closing for example and also operating other products.

If set in the non-Touch operating mode, the system provides a very high standard specification for Health and Safety.

For Health hygiene – the non-Touch sensing system eliminates cross-contamination, (other features include) ease of use, anti-vandal/ligature proof (if required) and providing a clean unobtrusive wall surface, due to the sensor being fitted behind the wall/panel surfaces.

Electrical Safety – the product range is powered and operated through 6V Ultra Low Voltage, this being 6v DC. This is provided either through just battery power or through a 240v -6v mains reduced power pack with battery backup to mains power failure, thereby still offering use of the sanitary ware under mains power failure conditions.

And now can we look at suitability of Trans-Sense for specific settings. Let’s start with Domestic Housing. How can the product help to protect ‘one household’ for example?

To stop cross-contamination in a domestic setting, the Trans-Sense non-touch product range is available for non-Touch operation of the Basin Taps, Kitchen and Utility sink taps, WC’s (full and Economy flushing) and Bath Fill with Touch sense control for the shower facilities.

And what about stopping cross-contamination in Commercial Buildings – where more than one household is using the building?

For office developments the Trans–Sense Non-Touch product is available for Basin Tap control (using our own tap outlet range or other manufacturers tap outlets), also for sinks, WC’s and Urinals in the building.

I would of thought that Trans-Sense ‘Non-Touch’ would also be perfect for Hotel project specification – where there is a high turnover of people from different households passing through? 

For hotel projects and developments, complete En-Suite bathroom sanitary ware controls are available for the basin tap, shower, WC and Bath filling, also the Toilet Blocks and Changing Rooms: – for control of Banks of Basins, WC’s and Urinals and for the Kitchens for basins, sinks, pot boiling and other sanitary ware in the building.

How about Trans-Sense ‘Non-Touch’ for Education Establishments – Schools, Academy’s, University’s etc? Once again, a lot of different households mixing there on a daily basis when open for learning during term times and also some areas such as sports halls are made available for third party sports clubs, dance clubs for example?

For these projects Trans-Sense products are available for Toilet Blocks, for banks of Basins, Showers, WC’s and Urinals, and complete range of En-Suite bathroom controls for university student accommodation projects.

What are the challenges that Trans-Sense can meet for Healthcare Establishments – for example General Hospitals, Mental Health Care/Hospitals, Dentist, Doctor Surgery’s, Care Homes?

For these projects the Non-Touch Trans-Sense product range is substantial for Sanitary ware controls for Wards, En-suite Bathrooms, Consulting rooms, Toilet blocks etc, Kitchens for Taps and Sinks, Pot Boiling and many other areas.

A range of Trans-Sense sensing products are also available for Non-Touch Door, Cupboard and Draws for auto or demand Opening/Closing formats. This range is especially important for Hospitals, Surgery’s and Dentist specification type projects.

How about the unique requirements of Secure Building specifications such as

Prisons, Mental Healthcare Hospital and Immigration Centers – for example 

The large Trans-Sense product range we have for this sector is especially important to the specifier and client. The sensors being fixed to the rear of the wall/panel surface provides the design consultants/engineers with a unique product, meeting all the specification demands that the client requires for these buildings, including an extremely high standard of specification for Health and Safety, including the non-Touch feature that helps to protect all users of the building by mitigating the spread of virus and bacteria driven diseases and protect the Patients and Inmates from Self Harm.

Well, Coverway’s ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense ‘sensing product’ clearly offers a broad range of state-of the art specifications, including answering the many questions now being raised for specifying products in Domestic and Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Secure and many others – for new and refurbishment building design – to help eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in this unprecedented pandemic, along with other existing and future viruses and diseases.

Thank you for joining us today Dudley

Thank you for inviting me and I look forward to hearing from the many Architects, Interior Designers, Building Service Engineers, Domestic Housing Developers who I know listen to this podcast. Please remember that it is important to talk to us as early as possible within the design process to incorporate the Trans Sense sensor into the construction design. Look forward to hearing from you all, goodbye.

Well, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you Dudley, thanks for coming on the podcast again and look forward to speaking to you again soon. Cheers.

For details on how specifiers listening to this podcast can contact Dudley Moore to discuss Trans-Sense in relation to a specific project that they are working on we have included relevant details on how to contact him in the description for this podcast.

You can also see and hear more about Coverway’s ECO-LOGIC product range by visiting their profile page in the BNE Construction & Building Services | Audio Visual virtual exhibition to access more podcast content…. just search for ECO-LOGIC and click on their logo.

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