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ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense: the ‘ideal product’ to specify for Commercial and Domestic projects


The ECO-LOGIC  Trans-Sense  system  has now been in the market for some 17 years  for the control of taps, WC’s and  urinals in specialist environments such as Secure, Leisure , Healthcare, Education and also in Luxury Domestic developments.

It is an  ‘ideal product’ to specify as it meets  all the increasing relevant aspects of energy and water savings, health and safety, sustainability, maintenance and simplicity in use, as it can be set for Non Touch or Touch sense depending on the clients requirements

The latest development to the range is for the sensor to be also used as a Blockage sensing control. This is especially relevant for WC’s and Urinals within large building developments, with or without central computer control, where such problems arise due to volume of use, vandalism etc.  One of the latest projects where the ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense system has been specified for Urinal control is One Bartholomew Square, a  multi storey office block development in London by Skanska.

The new Stadium at Royal Ascot built in 2009 incorporates the system for all the urinals and Touch Sense control for all the WC’s throughout the site. A further order was received for an additional toilet block at the Race course in late 2016 due to the high sustainability of the system and  low maintenance costs.

To hear more about ECO-LOGIC Trans-Sense,  link to a BNE Product News ‘Project Viewpoint’  interview podcast with Dudley Moore, Design Consultant for the ECO-LOGIC  range >  https://soundcloud.com/businessnetexplorer/construction-building-services-bne-product-news-eco-logic-project-viewpoint-interview

Design, Manufacture and Supplier of ECO-LOGIC Products and Systems is Coverway Ltd. Contact: 01883 342 814. All enquiries for Sales and Design Specification details contact 07720 509 434.

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