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ECO-Logic UK Reveal New Product Developments for Secure and Healthcare Markets


Improved Sanitaryware

Striving for continual product development ECO-Logic UK now offers an outstanding range of WC and basin designs for secure environments manufactured from a new production unit.

The anti-ligature WC has integral seating, improved blockage prevention and offers a 4 litre flush format for substantial water savings. A WC pan for the less able is also available for secure areas. The seat is 80mm higher than the standard fitting to conform with disability standards.

The ECO-Logic range is set to grow and already includes a secure bathroom shelf and mirror manufactured in high security polymer.

Sports Halls, Schools and Colleges Save Water

Alongside a commitment to secure and healthcare markets, ECO-Logic UK is now focusing on secure water efficiency for education and sports installations. A new products and applications portfolio, published in September 2008, has already received a great response. The range includes robust shower and basin products, secure sanitaryware and safe temperature controls.

Furthermore, ECO-Logic electronic lockout and shutdown controllers are ideal for isolating water supplies to specific areas of the building when not in use, meeting BREEAM requirements. Significantly, the sensors are easy-to-use by all ages and enable unique solutions for the less able.touh point eco-logic uk

New ECO Pipetank 250

The success of ECO Pipetanks for WC flushing is due to their ability to conceal the water storage and flush up to two toilets from one tank. In response to demands for increased capacity units, a new Pipetank design was launched at the Healthcare Estates Exhibition last year.

The new ECO Pipetank 250 can flush up to three WCs and includes an integral overflow pipe. The unit can accommodate one or two inlet float valves, meeting demands for rapid repeat flushing in stadiums, sports complexes and exhibition centres. The 250 Range also includes a smaller 700mm high unit which is ideal for single flush installations. The ECO Pipetank 250 is shown here with two float valves and the new ECO 35P Solenoid Valve.

Improved Trans Sense

A new manufacturing facility accompanies an improved Trans Sense design. The sensor is ideal for close proximity ‘Non Touch’ or ‘One Touch’ operation where heavy use requires secure fixings.

This unique sensor is concealed behind the finished wall surface. The sensor area can be identified to the user by a graphic, coloured tile, engraving or even Braille. These developments run alongside the introduction of our Trans Sense Blockage Alert systems for WC and urinal waste pipes. The improved sensors have an enhanced reactive field for ‘Non Touch’ operation in demanding areas. The basin sensor targets can be installed into the new Secure Sanitaryware.

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