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Editor’s blog: 30 March 2009 – Don’t let the downturn blow renewables away


Welcome to EnergyBusinessNet.com, the latest addition to the BusinessNet Explorer site many of you will already be familiar with. With the energy sector constantly in the news, forever tasked to keeping the lights on and always in need of investment this is a sector that can’t be ignored and must, as Britain faces a looming energy generation gap, strict carbon targets and energy price and efficiency challenges, demand our full attention.

We might need a new generation of nuclear power stations, acres more wind farms, new carbon capture technology, reinforced and smarter energy grids, microgeneration, a step change in energy saving and insulation, fuel cells, heat pumps and smart meters – but can all this be achieved in the current economic climate?

We think that, with intelligent procurement decision making and the right information platforms, it can. That’s where EnergyBusinessNet.com can help you. This is a sales and marketing platform where you can also view up to date news and opinion which brings you the context in which your decisions have to be made.

That context is a fast moving one. March has brought us news that after withdrawels by BP and Shell, ScottishPower’s Spanish owners Iberdrola has now decided to defer 40 per cent of its investment in UK offshore wind generation.

That decision has been a huge blow to the Government’s 2020 renewable energy targets and won’t have been good news for the wind turbine industry and those who work with them either.

But renewable energy in its many forms and energy efficiency should not be seen as a luxury in a recession, but an opportunity to produce more efficient, sustainable energy and consume it in a more cost effective way.

EnergyBusinessNet.com will help to showcase the best in sustainable energy solutions, while bringing in the news and policy context in which the energy sector operates – as well as providing the platform for the industry and its suppliers themselves to show what they have to offer.

Clean energy is being cited the world over, from Barack Obama to the G20 summit, as a way to reignite the world economy and help create green jobs for a sustainable future. Let’s see energy as an opportunity to move the economy – and your business – forward.

Paul Garrett
30 March 2009