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Sentinel’s new heating system filter – Eliminator – is doing the business for installers across the UK but one of the hot spots of activity is Northern Ireland, traditionally one of Sentinel’s strongholds in the water treatment marketplace going back more than twenty years.

S P Plumbing & Heating Specialists are based in Carryduff in South Belfast and operate across the Province. Established in 1997, boss Sean McGeough has been in the heating business for more than twenty five years and has been a ‘Sentinel man’ for all that time. He takes immense pride in providing outstanding customer service and has been rewarded in recent years by picking up and Achievement Award in 2011 from Phoenix Natural Gas and a Highly Commended in the Installer of the Year Award at the Northern Ireland Plumbing & Heating Awards ceremony in 2012.

“Our main objective is to continue to get accolades from our customers,” says Sean, “for providing the highest quality of work we can provide on every completed job we do. It’s all about providing high levels of customer satisfaction because so much of our work comes from recommendation.”

So it will come as no surprise that Sean sees the contribution made by Sentinel to his business as key: “We recognise that we need to provide our customers with quality products at every level of the work we do,” he says. “We work closely with Worcester Bosch because we know the quality of their boilers and we work with Sentinel because we know that using quality water treatment is vital to make sure that the heating systems we install keep working at optimum efficiency levels. A clean heating system is an efficient heating system. Plus Worcester Bosch recommends Sentinel products are used with their products by name in their installation instructions, as do most boiler manufacturers – so when boiler manufacturers have faith in a product delivering with their products, that pretty much seals the deal for me!”

Talking to Sean about Sentinel products, it clear he has faith in the quality of the products and can’t see any reason to move away from them: “I’ve never understood the logic of buying anything because it’s cheap. I tend to believe that in all things you get what you pay for and water treatment isn’t the most expensive element of a heating system installation – maybe 1-2% of the final bill. So why skimp on it and use anything but the best?”

The recent launch of the new Sentinel Eliminator system filter was a case in point for Sean. He had been fitting filters to most installations but when the new Eliminator came long he had no hesitation in giving it a go: “Why wouldn’t I? It had Sentinel’s name on it so I had faith it would do the business! And we’ve now fitted something like 100 of them and had no problems at all. They do what they say they will do and importantly we get no leaks from them which has been an issue with some other filters we’ve been asked to fit on some contracts we’ve been involved on. Eliminator is simple to fit, it’s very flexible, so easy to fit in tight spaces and whilst most customers trust us to put in the best, those that have questioned what the filter is and what it does have quickly understood the concept of cyclone technology and welcomed anything that will help reduce their heating bills and provide reliability – which at the end of the day is what everyone wants from their heating and hot water system – they want hot water when they turn the taps and heat when they turn up the room thermostat! It’s not something most people want to get into the nitty gritty of – they just want it to work and hopefully cost as little as possible in the process!”

Northern Ireland continues to be a great supporter of Sentinel and its products – the traditional chemical water treatment products from its X range and the newer products in its portfolio too. And its top end installers like Sean and his team that continue to give Sentinel a good name, from quality installations and a belief in providing the very best for their customers. To see more about Sean and S P Plumbing and Heating Specialists, visit www.spplumbingheating.com.

And if that was not enough there’s another Belfast-based heating engineer that is impressed with what Eliminator has to offer! George Nelson Plumbing & Heating – based in Belfast – has been a loyal Sentinel installer for more than 15 years! As with many companies in the sector, George himself, was raised through the ranks using Sentinel X100 and X400, more recently X800 and several other Sentinel water treatment products because he was always told to use quality products to keep heating systems running smoothly – and importantly to ensure there were no call backs to fix faulty systems after the installation work was completed.

“That was pretty much it,” agrees George. “When you use a good quality product for many years and it doesn’t let you down, you stick with it. The cost of water treatment isn’t exactly outrageous, so why save five or six pounds on inferior water treatment when you may get yourself problems from doing so. It doesn’t make sense to me. All the boiler manufacturers I respect say use a good quality water treatment product and mention Sentinel by name. They know what they’re doing and hat will keep their boilers operating efficiently – and I agree with them!”

So when Sentinel launched its exciting new technology Eliminator system filter in 2012, with quadra-cyclone technology to remove all the magnetic and non-magnetic debris from a system, George was one of the first into his local merchant branch to give it a go.

“It’s got the Sentinel name on it and I spoke to John Lynch at Sentinel who I’ve known for several years and asked him what was special about the Eliminator. He took me through it and showed me one and I decided to give it a go. That was more than fifty Eliminators ago,” says George. “And frankly I wouldn’t use any other filter now. It does exactly what it says on the tin! It removes all the circulating debris left in the system after correctly flushing and inhibiting a system. They’re easy to fit – they don’t leak – and I’ve had no call backs to any installation where I’ve used one. That’s good enough for me!”

There’s lots of useful information on the new Eliminator on the Sentinel website at www.sentinel-solutions.net where there’s a video you can watch, and you can find out more about George Nelson Plumbing and Heating by calling them on 028 9050 2800. Alternatively follow Sentinel on Facebook and Twitter and take a look at the Sentinel videos on their YouTube channel.

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