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Eliminator keeps gaining converts!


Sentinel’s popular new system filter – the Eliminator – keeps gaining converts across the UK! Here we hear from two more installer firms that have taken the Eliminator to their hearts – one in the North East and one in Northern Ireland!


Sentinel’s new technology heating system filter “Eliminator” has been very well received by installers all across the UK including several ‘Hot Spots’ one of those Hot Spots being the North East.

Rothwell Plumbing Services Limited (RPS) was formed in June 1997 by Bill Rothwell. Since this time, RPS has enjoyed considerable success in its expansion encompassing, domestic plumbing and heating, gas servicing, domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations. Since 2008 RPS has invested heavily in training its staff and engineers in the installation of micro-renewable technologies and are MCS accredited to install solar PV, solar thermal, air and ground source heat pump technologies. RPS has completed many successful large scale renewables projects since 2008.

RPS is justly proud of its broad client base consisting of local authorities, housing associations and many well-known major construction companies, most of whom are long term and repeat customers. A large percentage of the company’s turnover is generated in the social housing sector, delivering high quality upgrades to bathrooms, kitchens, central heating systems, electrical installations and the installation of several micro-renewable energy systems.

One of the unsung heroes of reliable heating and plumbing installations is effective water treatment solutions. RPS has utilised Sentinel products since its inception and so it will come as no great surprise that when the new Eliminator System Filter was launched in 2012, RPS was willing to give it a chance to impress. Chris Jones is the regional manager for RPS based in its North East office just outside Newcastle says: “Many of us were brought up through the heating and plumbing sector relying on Sentinel products – the X-range of liquid products in particular – X100 inhibitor and X400 and X800 cleaners – and as with most things in life, if it doesn’t let you down you develop a loyalty to it. We had been installing a competitor brand of system filter for a couple of years, since the use of filters really took off in a big way, but quite frankly had too many problems with it to feel comfortable. When the new “Eliminator” was launched by Sentinel, just knowing it was a Sentinel product gave us enough confidence to give it a sensible trial run, and very quickly we were getting feedback from the guys in our team that this was doing the business for us. Our rate of call backs was drastically reduced and so were reports of leaking filters.

“The most obvious common denominator was the new Sentinel Eliminator Filter which was making a big improvement to the quality of the installations. The great feedback from our engineers has convinced us that fitting these new filters on our installations for our housing association and local authority clients and on all our ECO installations is a major benefit to us.”

Sentinel joined RPS installers Gareth Davies and Nathan Temperley in Hexham, west of Newcastle recently to see a new filter being installed as part of a boiler replacement installation. A brand new Vaillant boiler had been installed in the kitchen and the Eliminator was installed just below the boiler; “We install plenty of these,” said Gareth, “and the Eliminator filters are simple to install and do a good job.

“Our customers seem to understand the value of the “Quadra-Cyclone Technology” and accept that the technology which is incorporated in a well-known vacuum cleaner brand is also likely to work well in a water based environment, spinning the debris in the circulating water out of the heating system leaving it clean and debris-free. To be honest most just accept that we know what we’re doing and that they will have an excellent heating system after we’ve done our job!”

The Eliminator’s four powerful hydro-cyclones force clean water out of the top of the filter and spin all types of suspended system debris down into the bottom of the collection chamber. Four strategically positioned magnets accelerate the capture and removal of any magnetic debris.

Vitally, the unit will never block as the design arrangement of the cyclone chamber ensures continual flow through the filter, even when the collection chamber is full. Optimised flow design continues to remove debris until the collection chamber is full, unlike simple magnetic based filters in which performance markedly diminishes once the magnet is coated with debris.

Installers love the Eliminator because it can be installed in any orientation so ideal for awkward fitting situations. No specialist tools or complex O-Rings are required, making it a lot simpler and quicker to install than some other leading brands. Dual cleaning provides installers with two options to remove debris. Collected debris can either be flushed away, or the collection chamber can be removed for a complete maintenance clean. End user customers love the Eliminator too as dual seals minimise the risk of leaks which means no mess or fuss for the householder.

For more information on Rothwell Plumbing Services Ltd visit www.rothwellplumbing.co.uk and to find out more about the Sentinel Eliminator and all the other Sentinel products available to help you do a decent job at every heating installation – visit www.sentinel-solutions.net.

Nelson’s not turning a blind eye to new system filter!

Meanwhile, George Nelson Plumbing & Heating – based in Belfast – has been a loyal Sentinel installer for more than 15 years! As with many companies in the sector, George himself, was raised through the ranks using Sentinel water treatment products because he was always told to use quality products to keep heating systems running smoothly – and importantly to ensure there were no call backs to fix faulty systems after the installation work was completed.

“That was pretty much it,” agrees George. “When you use a good quality product for many years and it doesn’t let you down, you stick with it. The cost of water treatment isn’t exactly outrageous, so why save five or six pounds on inferior water treatment when you may get yourself problems from doing so. It doesn’t make sense to me. All the boiler manufacturers I respect say use a good quality water treatment product and mention Sentinel by name. They know what they’re doing and hat will keep their boilers operating efficiently – and I agree with them!”

So when Sentinel launched its exciting new technology Eliminator system filter in 2012, with quadra-cyclone technology to remove all the magnetic and non-magnetic debris from a system, George was one of the first into his local merchant branch to give it a go.

“It’s got the Sentinel name on it and I spoke to John Lynch at Sentinel who I’ve known for several years and asked him what was special about the Eliminator. He took me through it and showed me one and I decided to give it a go. That was more than fifty Eliminators ago,” says George. “And frankly I wouldn’t use any other filter now. It does exactly what it says on the tin! It removes all the circulating debris left in the system after correctly flushing and inhibiting a system. They’re easy to fit – they don’t leak – and I’ve had no call backs to any installation where I’ve used one. That’s good enough for me!”

There’s lots of useful information on the new Eliminator on the Sentinel website at www.sentinel-solutions.net where there’s a video you can watch, and you can find out more about George Nelson Plumbing and Heating by calling them on 028 9050 2800. Alternatively follow Sentinel on Facebook and Twitter and take a look at the Sentinel videos on their YouTube channel.

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