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Wilo’s new Stratos PICO and Wilo-Smart A small circulators are proving to be the stars of the Wilo range in 2011.

The Wilo Stratos-PICO – the most energy efficient small pump you can buy, offering up to 90% energy savings over a standard pump – and the new Wilo-Smart A energy saving pump, offering up to 80% energy savings over a standard pump have captured the imagination, especially as low efficiency, uncontrolled pumps will be banned in the EU from the end of 2012. From 2013, low efficiency and standard stand-alone circulators will be banned from the marketplace. As of 2015 the minimum requirements will be tightened further and their scope extended to include boiler integrated circulators as well – those sold as part of a combi or system boiler set up.

This regulation on circulators will shift the market towards the intelligent, high efficiency circulators that Wilo has been championing for years, capable of adjusting their performance to meet the specific needs of the heating system. There are about 140 million small circulators in Europe running constantly, whether they are needed or not, resulting in a huge waste of energy and massive and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, generated for no good reason.

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