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Environmental Targets for 2011 are not wasted!


Swish has now set 2011's environmental targets for its manufacturing and distribution operations. Under its ISO14001 Environmental Certification Swish has set and met challenging annual targets since early 2007.

Swishhas managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 3.5% in 2010 as a result of setting environmental targets under ISO14001 (based on Carbon Trust Level 1 methodology).

Swish SHEQ Manager David Watts said, “Since 2007 we've reduced the waste which goes off-site by a total of 72%, and this year we are looking to make at least a 10% reduction on 2010 levels.”

David says the company is proud of its efforts. “Any production scrap is recycled and most of our other waste like cardboard, paper, packaging plastic etc is picked up by specialist contractors and recycled.”

“But we don't just dump the rest in landfill,” he adds. “Since the beginning of 2010 anything we can't recycle has been picked up by a specialist contractor that sorts it out for us.”

The Swish environmental targets for 2011 are:

  • Landfill -10%
  • Electricity -6%
  • Water -2%
  • Transport Diesel -2%
  • Heater fuel to show no increase in 2011

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