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FAKRO Ridge Flashing


For the design of their office extension, Huddersfield architectural consultants 'Design Line' wanted to make use of natural light as effectively as possible. They opted to use FAKRO FTP-W Centre Pivot roof windows with Ridge Flashing to provide an ideal skyward outlook and overcome any planning objection to the use of traditional vertical windows. The gutter line at the ridge was just 50mm, so there was no need for dry lining or plastering above the windows. Windows are positioned sensitively within the roof line and the combination provides an attractive feature in its own right.

Sean Brockbank of Design Line commented, “With other manufacturers’ roof windows we could not have used the ridge line in this way. The amount of natural light we were able to bring into the office meant that we had no need for traditional windows, and this provided added security”. FAKRO Ridge Flashing can be used with either slates or profiled tiles and a similar module is also available for mansard combinations.

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