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When used in combinations, roof windows make a dramatic visual statement while the level of natural daylight they bring to a living area invariably makes them a focal point in their own right.

The new ZSL London 'Giants of the Galapagos' exhibit is a prime example of a stylish, practical yet somewhat unusual design. Natural daylight was key to the creation of environment reminiscent of the animals’ natural habitat. Architects Wharmby Kozdon used 18 Fakro FTP-V centre pivot roof windows in a series of combinations on the building’s monopitch roof, occupying 40% of the span.

The building has been designed as a well insulated structure with green roof to minimise energy consumption for heating and cooling. The roof windows are a critical component of the building as architect Mike Kozdon explained, “We needed a roof which would provide relatively large areas of evenly distributed natural light. We therefore searched for an affordable, high performance roof window which could be used in combinations where necessary. The short construction programme did not allow for extended lead-in periods for delivery normally associated with bespoke specialist products. The windows needed to be fully opening in hot weather and provide trickle ventilation during cold weather. They also had to be suitable for integration within a biodiverse green roof, the surface of which needed, ideally, to be flush with the outside face of the roof windows. The Fakro FTP-V windows provided the solution to these problems and satisfied all these requirements”.

A U-value of 1.4W/m2K sets a high standard for the roof windows, but they offer additional benefits which are not entirely obvious at first glance. The sleek frames enable a larger glazing area to be provided without detriment to durability or stability, while topSafe® technology (unique to FAKRO windows) provides the highest level of security currently available in a standard product (BS EN 13049 Class III). Even if inadvertently stepped on during routine maintenance of the green roof, they will withstand the weight.

With the 78 x 140cm windows being from an FSC accredited source, sustainability and biodiversity requirements were met in every respect.

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