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Fakro topSafe for added roof window security


For Ecobuild 2011FAKRO GB will be highlighting its patented topSafe® system. TopSafe provides the highest level of safety and security in standard roof windows today – a minimum Class 3 EN13049. Other products on display will include the Balcony Window and High Pivot Window. The Balcony Window has two sashes, the top-hung upper of which opens through 45° while the lower one slides out to reveal built-in balustrades. The High Pivot Window enables overall glazing height to be extended without taking the window into the wall or relying on additional width.

FAKRO will also be exhibiting its SKW Solar Thermal panel system for the first time. Systems for 2, 3, 4 or 5 person homes can provide up to 70% of normal hot water needs. Panels can also be used in a modular approach with FAKRO roof windows, using any of four standard panel sizes and flashings. The lightest, at 78 x 140cm, weighs just 21kg. A patented fixing system allows adjustment to suit rafter / batten spacing while couplings are housed in a specially designed upper cover plate.

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