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Fast, easy measurements with Amtech Quickscale


Fast, easy measurements with Amtech Quickscale

Amtech Quickscale is a new, easy-to-use module that enables accurate, electronic measurements and item counts to be taken from PDFs or scanned drawings. As such it dramatically reduces the time spent measuring and eliminates the hassle and cost of printing out large drawings.

Quickscale is compatible with all 2012 versions of Amtech Estimating and provides four easy ways to take-off accurate measurements and add them to the estimate. It can be used to count items (e.g. sockets, valves), measure lengths of materials (e.g. cable, pipework), track and measure the total paths of materials or measure floor area for cost per square metre reporting. All standard drawing scales are included as well as a calibration tool. For each measurement the units (metric or imperial) are simply selected from a drop-down menu.

Each item or material is then selected in the Luckins database for pricing, assembled into kits where appropriate and added to the estimate. The estimate is then completed by marking up and incorporating wholesaler discounts in the usual way.

All measurements are stored against the PDF for easy recall.

To see how easy Quickscale is to use, visit www.amtech.co.uk/quickscale

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