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Fendor bucks trend and sees output rise


Fendor, one of the UK's leading specialist glazing designers and manufacturers has bucked the economic trend to record a healthy 18 % increase in growth during 2010.

Announcing the figures, managing director Chris Duffy said,”Since 2007 Fendor has invested heavily in both R&D and Marketing spend and this increased during 2010. We have aggressively targeted new market sectors specifically Healthcare this being highlighted by the introduction of several new patent applications for that sector. European Design rights have been granted for the CleanVent® system and for the first time International PCT applicationsare in place.

“The results of this strategic initiative resulted in 18% growth in 2010 output over 2009 during a period of particularly difficult market conditions in the U.K.”

“Since the 2006 MBO we have seen consistent annual growth in our balance sheet and 2010 ended with a particularly strong cash position”.

Chris concluded, “Future developments will see a continued emphasis on R&D, with particular emphasis on healthcare and the U.K. custodial sector as well as exploration of International markets.”

“The outlook for Fendor is very positive with increasing growth in sales across fire glazing, specialist healthcare, security and secondary glazing sectors.”

Importantly,Fendor is taking on more staff at its Gateshead factory – and sees this continuing for the foreseeable future.

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