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Fire Protection Covered by Bostik


Passive fire protection (PFP) is vital in the safe design of modern buildings. To be beneficial, products must meet the daily demands placed upon them and also perform effectively when required, reducing the spread of fire and smoke, and giving occupants more time to evacuate the building.

Bostik has over 120 years' experience in manufacturing safe and effective product ranges and is the UK's leading manufacturer of sealants and adhesives for the construction, glazing, furniture manufacture, packaging, and HVAC markets.

Bostik's Idenden range is the UK's leading brand of adhesion, sealing and protection products specifically developed for the thermal insulation industry. Within this range, Bostik offers specifically developed flame resistant and fire protection products including Fire & Acoustic Sealant, Fireseal Silicone, Intucrylic Sealant and Intustrip.

Seal of Approval
The sealants in Bostik's range inhibit smoke and fire by filling gaps such as service penetrations in the walls and floors of structures. The Fire and Acoustic Sealant, Intucrylic Sealant and Intustrip are all intumescent sealants that swell in the event of a fire to form an insulating char, resistant to the passage of smoke, gases and flames.

The Fire & Acoustic sealant also has the added benefit of reducing sound when sealing and bonding plasterboard and other insulation boards.

Fireseal Silicone can be used as a flexible service penetration seal for metal pipes and cables and provides up to four hours fire resistance in joints up to 100mm wide. Fireseal Silicone provides an excellent cold smoke seal and its low smoke emission and low level toxic fumes make it ideal for use in public areas.

Bostik's fire protection products are tested to BS476: part 20 1987, giving up to four hours fire resistance. Intustrip, a pre-formed strip sealant developed for use as a compression seal provides up to 30 minutes fire resistance in a suitable assembly, and has also been independently tested to BS476: Part 7 – Class 1, part 6 – Pass, and Building Regulations – Class 0.

Adhering to Safety Standards
Bostik's Idenden range of adhesives is recommended for use in fire protection systems to bond fibrous insulation materials to a wide range of surfaces such as galvanised ducting, unpainted steel, concrete and brickwork. The waterborne fire resistant structural adhesive dries to form a non-combustible film that provides a two-hour fire rating.

Bostik's specialist fire resistant coating also offers two hours proven fire resistance as well as Class 0 compliance. Designed for coating applications in the installation of pre-coated and plain mineral fibre batts, it is also suitable for coating cables and pipes in large service openings in fire-rated compartments.

The Idenden range includes a number of other products that provide flame resistance and Class 0 compliance, including: fire resistant mortar which cures quickly to form a load bearing seal; duct sealants; aluminium foil tapes; and a number of protective sealer and vapour barrier coatings.

Commenting on the range, marketing manager, Richard Sellman, says: “Building owners and those responsible for the maintenance of buildings have a duty of care to all those who occupy or use the building, in particular to the means of escape such as stairways and corridors. Bostik's specially developed fire protection products can delay the spread of smoke and flames, giving occupants more time to escape should a fire break out.”

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