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Flight Safe: the stylish answer to shower safety


Mira Flight SafeIn response to market demand, Mira Showers – the UK’s market-leading manufacturer of showers and showering accessories – has developed an anti-slip version of its ever-popular Flight Low shower tray, the Flight Safe. Meeting and exceeding the highest standards of slip resistance, this tray incorporates two integral finishes – Mira Safe anti-slip and the anti-bacterial BioCote® – that will never wear or peel off or wash away so the tray will retain its anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties for its whole life.

Unlike other anti-slip finishes, Flight Safe is intended for the vulnerable user but with a subtle design – there are no raised areas or stick-on roundels, for instance. And while the look is very understated, the Flight Safe exceeded the most stringent anti-slip test – Class C DIN 51097 – when independently certified.

Mira Flight SafeThis test consists of making the tray slippery with soap and water and then inclining the tray until the barefoot subject slips off. To gain Class C, the subject must remain standing when the tray is at an angle of 24o but, with Flight Safe, the subject was still standing when the tray was tilting at 30o. This test not only shows how well the tray performs but also provides third party certification that will deter any potential litigation.

Developed for anywhere that might cater for the less able, the tray shares the same contemporary aesthetic as the Flight Low range so there is no element of styling that is ‘discriminatory’. And, at just 40mm as opposed to the standard 90mm height, it is ideal for creating the ‘minimalist ‘wet room’ look. Durable and easy to maintain, Mira Flight Safe is made from acrylic resin stone so it resists chipping and scratches to retain its integrity throughout its life while being also very light – it is 20% lighter than equivalent products made from acrylic capped resin stone. The BioCote® finish stops discolouration, reduces bacteria and mould by up to 99.9% while the tray’s high flow vortex waste ensures that that waste effectively cleans itself. Mira Flight Safe

To simplify installation, Mira provides an optional riser kit where the tray is to be installed on a solid floor that has strong ‘push-fit’ legs and the option of integral upstand variants that will ensure a watertight fit. Like the rest of the Flight Low range, this tray also has strong environmental credentials because of the technology it employs and the large proportion of recycled material it incorporates, For example The back skin of all of the Mira trays is made from 90% recycled acrylic.

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