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Free Advice On The Energy And Cost Saving Of Controls


Mitsubishi Electric has launched an addition to its website to focus attention on the energy saving potential of well controlled air conditioning systems, with a warning from the Carbon Trust that almost 90 per cent of all building controls are inadequate and may be costing the UK over £500 million a year in additional energy costs.

“The Carbon Trust also state that premises with well-controlled systems can reduce heating fuel consumption by between 15-35 per cent,” explains Sebastien Desmottes, Mitsubishi Electric’s controls expert.

Mitsubishi Electric has set up this special section of the website as part of its Green Gateway Initiaitve™ and which aims to encourage everyone to reduce energy consumption in the built environment. All of the information is available under a special ‘Energy Saving Controls’ section in the Tools & Resources menu available at www.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/aircon.

The site offers advice on which control system is best suited to your building; outlines strategies to get the most out of controls; provides information on how to use control systems to reduce energy use and costs, and gives detailed information on the advanced range available from Mitsubishi Electric.

“Almost every building can make a significant reduction in both running costs and environmental impact through the use of better controls and the ongoing savings can lead to a very short payback period,” adds Desmottes.

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