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FUTURE Designs introduces carbon careful™ – a review of its commitment to the circular economy over the last 12 years


FUTURE designs has pioneered the refurbishment and upgrading of existing luminaires and carcasses for over 12 years. Taking existing FUTURE Designs products and those of competitors, FUTURE Designs has renewed the luminaires with latest LED technology transforming them into highly efficient and carbon saving solutions, extending the lifespan and drastically reducing carbon usage and overall costs. 

David Clements, FUTURE Designs Chief Executive explains: “The carbon careful™ initiative could be described as our “best kept secret”, as a hugely efficient design and manufacturing business we have always endeavoured to keep waste to a minimum, and now as the world is faced with a growing necessity to Refurbish, Reuse and Restore wherever feasible,  we are sharing our story and expertise to encourage more organisations to follow suit.” 

The carbon careful™ book showcases a range of examples from leading blue-chip organisations, highlighting FUTURE Designs proficiency, capability and commitment to the refurbishment of existing luminaire carcasses to increase the sustainability of commercial premises.

LED has been the lighting medium of choice for over ten years now but there are still millions of old fluorescent fittings being used to illuminate space. By switching to LED, energy and carbon usage can be reduced by circa 50%, coupled with the reuse of mild steel and aluminium, the savings are significant.

LED has a far greater lifespan, and its ‘solid state’ makes it easier to dispose of, without the risk of harmful gases such as mercury found in fluorescent lamps making it better for the environment. 

FUTURE Designs is always at the forefront of any technological breakthrough, renowned for our expertise in this area of lighting science and have proven to be the experts in adapting old fluorescent lighting to state-of-the art lighting, ensuring that the benefits from the reduced impact on the environment are fully realised.

The full book can be viewed here: https://www.futuredesigns.co.uk/carbon-careful/

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