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Getting ‘TUFF’ over fire safety…


Passive fire prevention is a major factor in any new build or refurbishment project. With this in mind Marshall-Tufflex launched a versatile range of Dry Lining Boxes in conjunction with the highly successful Envirograf Intumescent fire barrier gaskets. The gaskets offer up to 71 minutes in a dry-wall fitting and comply with edition IEE Wiring Regulations and Document B of the UK Building Regulations.

In the event of a fire, the cover plate of a socket, switch will sag and disintegrate, leaving a perfect escape route for flames to travel up the cavity and into an adjoining room or ceiling. The gasket expands in the presence of heat and creates an effective fire barrier.

This Envirograf fire protection is also available with a variety of other Marshall-Tufflex products, including wraps for PVC-U trunking or conduit systems and pillows for filling a trunking void. Different shapes, sizes and thicknesses are available.

Electrical contractors and building design professionals now have a legal obligation to ensure that the properties they design construct or refurbish, comply with the current regulations. By incorporating Envirograf passive fire prevention products into the M T range will especially help to protect lives and reduce fire damage claims.


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