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Getting up to speed with AMTECH 2008


With the launch of AMTECH 2008, the market’s leading software for Electrical Contractors, Consultants and Engineers has been completely re-written. Using advanced new technology, AMTECH 2008 is compliant with the new 17th Edition Wiring Regulations due for release by the IEE in January 2008 and includes a host of powerful new features.

Some of AMTECH’s most significant changes are to FastTest and ProDesign. FastTest 2008 is not only compliant with 17th Edition but now incorporates the very latest technology, new Data Security and, due to customer demand, advanced versions are also Multi-User Network Ready.

ProDesign 2008 is also re-written to incorporate the latest 17th Edition Wiring Regulations and includes a new Drawing Interface and Updated Data Entry feature.

The eagerly anticipated launch comes after significant consultation with clients. Sales director James Cooper said: “We have been listening and reacting to our customers’ needs, and with their help we have developed the most advanced version of AMTECH to date. It is easier to use, looks more professional and will help them to stay to stay at the top of their game.”

He added: “As part of this major new release, ProDesign and FastTest have been re-written incorporating the latest technology and are compliant with the new 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. We believe AMTECH 2008 is the most advanced design and Test & Inspection software ever.”

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