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Goodness Gracious Great Logs of Fire


Strebel’s Wood Gasifying Boilers are fitted in the UK.

Strebel, specialists in Pellet, Chip and Log Burning Boilers, were recently asked for prices for a Biomass project Ref: The Ty-Newydd Hotel in the Hirwaun Area of Mid Glamorgan. After surveying the site and the available area usable as a plant room, it was quickly realised that a pellet or wood chip boiler was unsuitable. It was impossible to get pellets or chips to the Boiler Room and a silo or fuel store was not an option. Strebel also found that there were issues with keeping the fuel dry.

Strebel offered a solution to the Consultant, Mr Graham Lewis, of the Energy Design Partnership; an alternative, in the form of 2 no. Strebel Turbotec 70Kw Wood Gasifying Log Burning Boilers, manufactured in Austria by Strebel. Not only was the price more attractive, it also meant that keeping the fuel very dry was no longer an issue. The owner of the Hotel, Mr Hillier, already had a log supplier for his open fires in the bar and sitting room areas, so everything started to come together. Carbon Trust provided grants, funding, and allowed the Hotel to install new radiators in a previously electrically heated area. Strebel provided a complete plant room package with the Boilers, a standby 150Kw wall mounted LPG Condensing Boiler, a Thermal Buffer Tank, Calorifiers, Pressurisation Unit, Pumps and Multiple Zone Controllers, all networked together.

Strebel, together with advice from the consultant, provided drawings and wiring diagrams. A superb installation was carried out by RSJ Mechanical from Cardiff, with Electrical Contractor A.J.T. Ltd also making a first class job. The existing LPG Boilers and LPG water heater were left running, while the new plant was being installed, so the Hotel experienced no disruption. Strebel were pleased to hear that all parties involved, expressed a very keen interest in this advanced Wood Gasifying project.

Once the installation was completed Strebel brought in its own commissioning engineers along with biomass specialist Mr Holger Muller from Austria. The Log Boilers and all the plant was up and running and fully commissioned within a day.

It seemed strange to ignite the boilers by lighting a small fire on top of the wood, then once fully burning, completely loading the boiler to the brim with wood to be baked and to be de-gasified. It is awesome to see Wood being burned as Gas, with a pale blue and pink flame being drawn through the boiler. There is practically nothing left when the burn is completed, reducing the very simple cleaning to a minimum.

Over the next few months the Client will see a good saving on his LPG fuel bill whilst also reducing his carbon footprint, and of course, enjoying the benefits of such a simple boiler. Everyone involved looks forward to the next project using this advanced equipment.

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