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Gothic style Banwell castle gets fire protection


Stunning 18th century Banwell Castle in Somerset had suffered a fire in 1905 when the fire brigade were battling away for a full 2 days. Aware of this unfortunate history and wishing to install the best possible fire protection system, the Parsons family embarked on a search in 2009 and selected the Detectomat SRC 3000. They then contacted Argos Fire Protection, who they knew worked with Detectomat. The landmark gothic building, finished in 1847 was designed by the same architect who designed the House of Commons and has great historic value. The Grade 2 star listed castle is now run as a bed and breakfast and is also open to the public as well as being a family home. The stone walls are so thick that there is no chance of a mobile phone signal and they knew that they had to be able to hear any alarm through the thick walls – the Detectomat alarm can be heard all over the building. Furthermore, they were determined to avoid unsightly wiring which would mar the beautiful stone interiors.

The Detectomat SRC 3000 wireless detect system includes optical smoke detectors with integral sounders, break-glass call points and heat detectors. The Parsons family had seen it advertised and knew of similar properties which had chosen it because of the advantages of being wire free, which not only include avoiding damage to historic walls and ceilings but also cost. Because installation is so fast, labour charges are kept to a minimum and there is very little disruption to day to day business – essential in a busy tourism business. The Parsons family obtained listed building consent for the work from North Somerset District Council so avoided paying VAT. Argos were selected because of their many years experience. They were also impressed that Argos offer a radio survey, which gives the customer complete reassurance, and rigorous service visits every 6 months in accordance with British Standards.

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