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Green Initiative Receives European Recognition


Mitsubishi Electric’s green initiative targeted at helping everyone reduce energy consumption has been acknowledged at the SEE Awards in Brussels as part of the 3rd Annual EU Sustainable Energy Week in February.

“The Green Gateway Initiative® is not just about Mitsubishi Electric, it’s about helping anyone with a building reduce their environmental impact and it is very rewarding that this has been recognised at such a high level,” explained the company’s Green Gateway Manager, Martin Fahey.

Mitsubishi Electric was shortlisted in the ‘Market transformation’ category and Fahey explains that this is exactly what the environmental initiative is about: “As one of the country’s largest suppliers of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, we know that our products consume energy. We also know that modern life and legislation demand a comfortable, controlled internal environment, so buildings must have some equipment.

“We are using our market position to call for people to examine this equipment and make sure that it is as controllable as possible and is working as efficiently as possible, all of the time. That way, they will achieve indoor comfort whilst lowering emissions and helping to cut their fuel bills.”

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