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Greensource Air to Water Heat Pumps from Worcester


Worcester has added to its growing range of renewable technologies with the introduction of a new collection of Greensource air to water heat pumps, offering homeowners an alternative option for ‘greener’ home heating with minimal CO2 emissions.

The technology inside an air to water heat pump works on similar principles to a domestic fridge. An external fan draws air from outside the building into the unit before converting the latent heat within the air into useable heat for home. Designed to work with existing wet central heating systems, Greensource air to water heat pumps transfer the converted heat into water to deliver low-cost, energy saving heating and hot water all year round.

Worcester’s air to water heat pumps are also the perfect partner for underfloor heating and oversized radiators. Even though the heat pump can operate at up to 65oC flow temperatures it is more efficient when operating on lower temperature heating systems. However, even really cold air can be converted into heat, as the Greensource system is capable of working efficiently in outside temperatures of up to -20oC.

When properly installed, an air to water heat pump can produce up to approximately 4 times more heat energy for use in the home than the electrical energy it consumes. Greensource air to water outdoor units have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 4, which means each heat pump is capable of providing up to 4 kW of energy for every kW used.

A choice of three outdoor air to water units is available from June 2008 – 6kW, 7kW and 9.5kW. And to complete the package, Worcester has also introduced a Greensource hot water distribution unit for indoors with compact dimensions and a storage capacity of 151 litres.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support said: “Air source heat pump technology has become increasingly popular in the Swedish market, so with our comparatively mild winters these products will suit UK requirements perfectly. We think they will catch on quite quickly, as the only space requirement for installing an air to water heat pump is an accessible outside wall. This makes them suitable for a wide range of property types, especially those with open plan spaces.

“We have been working hard to develop and test our Greensource products over recent months to ensure they are absolutely spot-on for the British market. Making them easy to install was also vitally important.

“As would be expected, we are introducing a new training course to support installers keen to start passing on the benefits of this new technology to their customers. Given the feedback we have already had from the trade, we are confident that air source heat pumps will become a very popular alternative to traditional heating systems in the next few years.”

The latest in advanced, sustainable heating and hot water solutions, Worcester’s innovative Greensource air to water heat pump and Integrated Cylinder will be available from June 2008 and are soon to be followed by the introduction of an air to air heat pump this autumn.

All air source heat pumps in the range are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty* as reassurance of the built-in quality and reliability for which Worcester, Bosch Group is renowned.

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