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Grinnell's grooved pipework system chosen for Doncaster Education City Project


Grinnell’s grooved pipework system was recently utilised for LTHW Heating and CHW services on the Doncaster Education City Project in South Yorkshire.

Working closely with the supply chain a complete technical, logistics and commercial solution in conjunction was agreed which utilised a combination of Grinnell’s Flexible and Rigid type couplings – not only for their speed of installation in this fast track project but also to provide accommodation of thermal movement without the requirement for additional expansion bellows units.

More than twenty site operators attended a Grinnell hand’s on toolbox training session where safe site pipe grooving and best practice installation techniques were covered.

Piping to 250mm diameter was supplied to site already pre-grooved to minimise site working, installation times and costs. Further support was provided in the form of material take off lists for each work area supported with marked up construction drawings to identify where thermal movement will be accommodated. Logistics and deliveries were also carefully coordinated to ensure that pre-grooved tube and the Grinnell fittings arrived at “just in Time” intervals in harmony with the construction programme and with crane lifting availability on site.

The complex takes the form of two mainly 5 storey buildings, the west and east blocks on the spectacular Waterfront setting, in the heart of Doncaster, the “state of the art” new building is the operational heart of Doncaster Education City and a new location for Doncaster College.

Thousands of grooved joints were made and the speed of the installation made a significant contribution to ensuring that the total installed time and project costs were minimised thus keeping the project on schedule. The installation was successfully pressure tested and commissioned and will be maintenance free.

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