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Hambleside Danelaw launches market-first rooflight that can micro-generate electricity and a new light control system


Queen’s Award winner Hambleside Danelaw will launch at Ecobuild 2009 two highly innovative roofing products that exploit the potential of natural daylight to slash energy bills and generate revenue-earning electricity.

Leading the way is a market first: a micro-generation rooflight. Designed in partnership with Solar Source Ltd, the Hambleside Insulator PHOTO VOLTAIC rooflight can offer a U value as low as 0.8 W/m2K and incorporates a micro-generation system that will make a significant difference to energy costs through direct use or tariff feed-in. The UK Government recently announced plans to encourage tariff feed-in following the example set by European partners.

Insulator PHOTO VOLTAIC is ideal for use in industrial or warehousing constructions and is easily installed into the roofscape, being in plane with the overall roof area. With patents pending, this product offers three functions: natural daylighting, insulation and micro generation, which makes it a first for the rooflight market.

Another market first will be the launch by Hambleside of a new self-contained artificial lighting control system. The Insulator LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM permits the artificial lighting to be automatically controlled through dimming or switching off according to the amount of measured natural daylight entering the building through an Insulator rooflight.

Developed in partnership with Setsquare Ltd, this light control system utilises the unique properties of the transparent light-enhancing honeycomb which is a feature of Insulator. Clients will immediately see a reduction in their energy bills as savings in lighting control usage normally reach 40%.

Visitors to Hambleside Danelaw’s stand (no. 2375) at Ecobuild will have the opportunity to interact with these new products.

FiberTite and Dryseal systems get a green roof on top

Hambleside’s third product launch at Ecobuild results from teaming up with a nursery to offer a green roof system for the company’s top-performing FiberTite and Dryseal single ply and GRP roofing membranes.

Insulator TIMax – a new translucent GRP insulated wall panel

The fourth and final launch at the show will see a new translucent GRP insulated wall panel arrive on the UK market. Insulator TIMax features translucent glass fibre filaments, which provide a good level of thermal insulation with U values at 1 W/m2K, and the translucent properties of the fibre elements allow natural light into the building.

Robin Jeffery, Hambleside’s vice chairman, said: “Four product launches at Ecobuild demonstrates Hambleside Danelaw’s unrelenting commitment to innovation and sustainability in spite of the recession. With the massive potential savings on energy bills, the new products are proof that sustainability makes as much sense economically for the client as it does for cutting carbon emissions.”

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