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Hamilton's Dimmers Provide Superior Performance


Hamilton Litestat’s new slimline Linea CFX Collection has incorporated a new range of trailing edge push on/off resistive dimmers to provide the market with enhanced performance.

These Trailing Edge Dimmers have been designed to overcome many of the problems that are associated with leading edge dimmers, in that they are virtually noise free and compatible with most electronic transformers. They also offer the additional advantages of thermal protection and built-in overload protection, which prevents them from being damaged in an overload situation. At the same time, they feature unidirectional current detection which enables the dimmer to protect itself whenever a lamp blows and causes a high in rush current.

To prolong lamp life, these dimmers have incorporated a soft-start system which produces a slow fade out that is designed to help prevent lamp damage. Being a Trailing Edge Dimmer, it will work to its maximum without having to be de-rated. This capability enables it to dim 1000w when mounted four up on a double gang plate.

The new slimline Linea CFX plates incorporate split finishes and Hamilton’s registered concealed fixing system avoiding the requirement for ugly screws. This, along with the other features of the system, provide a truly unique solution for wiring applications thereby achieving a very high quality option that can complement the high specification demands of top-end interior projects.

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