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Hanson launches it's updated 'Guide to Aircrete Blocks'


Hanson Building Products has just published its updated Guide to Aircrete Blocks. This 36-page, full colour A5 publication presents the many benefits of the Thermalite aircrete block range which offers products for every building application.

Stressing the benefits of these blocks, including high compressive strength, light weight, high thermal insulation and moisture resistance, the publication explains the properties, workability and services offered to customers. The versatility of application is outlined – from basements, foundations, beam and block floors to cavity, solid and separating walls, as well as partitions and detailing. Each product is pictured in full colour in situ, complete with product description and specification information.

This new guide also includes a section focusing on Thermalite Thin Joint Masonry and the benefits it offers builders and contractors: these include faster build time, increased productivity, improved thermal performance, better airtightness and reduced wastage on site. Step-by-step in situ photography effectively illustrates the information supplied.

An updated section focusing on thermal insulation presents three tables to illustrate examples of Thermalite solutions to meet Part L requirements. The tables list detailed specification information for partially filled cavity, fully filled cavity and solid wall applications.

All Thermalite products feature specific scratch marks to identify the different range of densities of the blocks available. As this simplifies the specification and identification process, the various scratch marks are all illustrated in the new guide to help builders familiarise themselves with the products.

Product performance and thermal insulation information are followed by a detailed section outlining Hanson’s commitment to the environment and the building of a sustainable future. The message is clear: Hanson’s environmental policy not only ensures builders and contractors meet the latest building regulations and standards; it also supports them in developing and maintaining their own green credentials.

The concise style and easy-to-use format of this new guide will make it a handy reference tool for specifiers, contractors, builders, merchants and stockists, whether they are specifying, selling, choosing or using Thermalite aircrete blocks.

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