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Harlequin Basic Bunded Oil Tanks


UK tank manufacturer Harlequin, is reporting strong sales across all markets of its 'Basic' Bunded Oil Tank range, as oil heating technicians and oil tank installers go 'back to basics'.

Launched in Autumn 2008, 'Basic' Bunded Oil Tanks are an evolution of the company's previous Bunded Contract Oil Tanks, but feature an enhanced product specification and an even greater choice of models. Like all Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks, the 'Basic' range has been engineered to exceed all applicable UK, Irish and European requirements for the storage of heating oil at agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional premises, including the requirements of OFTEC's OFS T100 Standard.

As a result of changes to Building Regulations and Standards across the UK, Harlequin now estimates that Bunded Oil Tanks are now a requirement at over 90% of new and replacement domestic oil tank installations in the province. Additionally, OFTEC Technical Instruction Book 3 requires that comparable levels of environmental protection are afforded to oil storage tank installations in the Republic of Ireland.

Not surprisingly, the majority of Harlequin's oil tank sales today consist of Bunded Oil Tanks – and according to the company's Marketing Manager John Switzer, that proportion is increasing all the time. By contrast, the number of old-fashioned Single Skin Oil Tanks sold by the company and which omit the environmental benefits of Bunded Oil Tanks, is in steady decline.

The premise behind Harlequin's 'Basic' range is that each and every oil storage installation is different.

Therefore, oil tank installers and technicians can choose from a range of five popular tank capacities and then add the ancillary equipment they require, without having to pay for equipment they don't. According to the company, the result is a 'compelling' product proposition at many installations, which permits installers and technicians to tailor oil storage tank installations to sitespecific requirements.

“Every Harlequin Basic Bunded Oil Tank is supplied complete with factory fitted, lockable fill, inspection and access points; integral, weatherproof venting; failsafe overfill prevention capability; and a 1″ Bottom Outlet.”, explains John.

“Once installers and technicians have selected their tank, they can choose from a range of useful options and accessories including a bund warning alarm, oil tank fitting kit, Tiger Loop de-aerator and of course an electronic oil tank contents gauge, which is quite simply a 'must have' for many consumers today.

“If however, they require a fully specified Bunded Oil Tank, Harlequin's market leading Standard Range of Bunded Oil Tanks is available. The Standard range consists of no fewer than 46 different models, 12 different capacities and 3 different colourways. Standard Bunded Oil Tanks are additionally supplied as standard with electronic oil tank contents gauge, bund warning alarm, tank fitting kit and a choice of top or bottom outlet.”

“It is difficult to underestimate the significance of the new Basic Bunded Oil Tank range at a time when counting the pennies has never been more important.”, says John. “Through empowering installers and technicians to select the ancillary equipment they require at an oil storage tank installation, it is possible to narrow the price differential between Bunded and Single Skin products.

“Bunded Oil Tanks are proven to significantly reduce the risk of oil pollution at any oil storage installation. Therefore, we would expect that the proportion of environmentally preferred Bunded Tanks being installed will increase still further. That's not just good news for anyone selling or installing Harlequin products. Environmentally responsible fuel storage is good news for the wider oil heating industry and great news for the environment too.”

Harlequin 'Basic' Bunded Oil Tanks are currently in production at the company's ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Moira, Northern Ireland and available from over 1,000 Harlequin Accredited Resellers throughout the British Isles.

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