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Harlequin – Now Offering Complete Peace Of Mind!



Harlequin has launched a brand new range of high spec security features, some of which are available as standard on Advance Bunded Oil Tanks and Fuel Stations, and as extra cost options on all other models.

At a time when tank security is a top priority for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial tank owners across the board, Harlequin has developed the safest, most secure tank options on the market.

Harlequin Advance Bunded Oil Tanks and Fuel Stations now come complete with a revolutionary Spinsecure Lock. The lock acts as a security device on the tanks' manhole or door access points. Once secured with its magnetic key, the lock will spin freely – meaning it is virtually impossible to force open or disturb.

As a further security option, customers can also choose to incorporate the brand new Yale Alarm Lock* as a means of securing the lockable fill and inspection points on the inside of the tank. The Yale Alarm Lock uses an armed cable to secure these points and sounds a 100db alarm in the event of the cable being attacked. A motion sensor can also be activated, making the tank owner aware of any changes in movement.

All of the latest additions to Harlequin's range of security features are currently available to order. For models which do not incorporate the Spinsecure Lock as standard, a Security Pack will be available as an extra cost option and will include both the Spinsecure Lock and the Yale Alarm Lock.

With Harlequin's latest innovations in tank security, protecting your tank contents has never been more easy. Providing customers with the benefits of Spinsecure's visual deterrent features, in addition to the added value of ensuring that any intruder will be stopped in their tracks by the Yale Lock's piercing alarm, means that your oil and fuel will never be safer than when stored in a Harlequin tank.

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