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Heating Controls – the easiest route to more energy savings


Heating Controls - the easiest route to more energy savings
Heating Controls - the easiest route to more energy savings
Heating Controls - the easiest route to more energy savings

Effective heating controls are a vital part of an efficient central-heating system. Heating controls manufacturer ESi says it makes huge sense to look more closely at the options.

ESi offers a range of programmers from a simple 1 Channel version to a 3 channel Multi-Purpose Programmer which enables housing providers to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations by providing separate timed heating control for living and sleeping zones in a home, whilst also providing timed control of hot water. These programmers also feature a “Landlord” option to encourage social housing tenants to allow access for annual maintenance, often a real challenge for landlords.

ESi has developed a unique new electronic dual Cylinder Thermostat – a revolutionary new energy saving product. It is a direct and economical replacement for traditional mechanical dual cylinder thermostats. It offers real safety and energy saving benefits and provides accurate temperature control with a clear and informative LCD display. Hot water can be stored at any temperature between 25 and 65 degrees C. It has the added advantage of a weekly automatic one hour “boost” that can be set at a time that is best for the homeowners. This “boost” lifts the temperature of the water in the cylinder to above 60 degrees C to eradicate any legionella bacteria. This results in substantial energy saving compared to traditional systems storing the hot water at a constant 60 degrees C.

Most homes in the UK still tend to have a single heating zone – and the only control in the rooms is by thermostatic radiator valves. When a new central-heating system is installed, it’s possible to fit a full zone control that has different pipe loops and separate thermostats for two or more areas. This can offer significant energy savings.

ESi offers a range of zone valves which are a direct replacement for existing valves if they fail. These are very quiet in operation and now come with an industry leading five-year warranty. They are easy fit components, with a simple clip on/off detachable actuator head and an option of a ‘plug and play’ cable.

Take a closer look at ESi’s offering at www.esicontrols.co.uk.

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