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Heatrae Sadia's Megaflo HE upgraded to increase energy efficiency


To meet market demand for products that offer higher levels of energy efficiency, Heatrae Sadia has upgraded its market leading Megaflo HE and Megatech solar thermal unvented hot water storage cylinders to significantly improve heat loss figures.

The unvented water heating market continues to grow, with consumer demand for powerful showers and fast filling baths keeping sales buoyant. Despite increased competition in the unvented sector, Heatrae Sadia continues to be the strong market leader with its Megaflo HE range.

However, with the UK Government aiming to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, legislation is driving important changes in the heating industry, and products need to become even more efficient.

Improving insulation and minimising heat losses from Megaflo HE and Megatech has been one of Heatrae Sadia’s key aims for 2007. As a result, from January 2008 an insulated cover for the temperature/pressure relief valve will be included on Megaflo HE, Megatech and Megaflo SystemFit, which will significantly improve the products’ heat loss figures. To assist installers, Megaflo HE will also include a wiring centre and drain valve.

Heatrae Sadia’s senior product manager Jon Cockburn said: “Whilst Megaflo HE continues to be a successful, market leading product, we want to keep improving. And, to continue to meet the needs of the market, the product must evolve.

“There is a huge focus on energy efficiency at the moment – especially because of SAP ratings, HIP packs/Energy Performance Certificates, the Code for Sustainable Homes and the forthcoming 2010 revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations. It’s also the Government’s aim for all new buildings to be zero carbon rated by 2016, and there’s a very real possibility that from January 2009 hot water systems will be labelled in terms of their energy efficiency, in line with the EuP (the Eco-Design of Energy Using Products) Directive.

“Heatrae Sadia has always made sure Megaflo HE is a forward-thinking unvented brand. We developed a pre-plumbed and pre-wired Systemfit version to assist our house builder customers, and in 2006 we launched our solar thermal cylinder, Megatech. Efficient and environmentally friendly, Megatech is designed to be used in conjunction with the solar panels and evacuated tube systems now available for the UK market, and can provide up to 60 per cent of a home’s annual domestic hot water requirements.

“Our strategy is to identify issues and deliver solutions, so this is just the first stage of Megaflo HE’s enhancement – with more to follow.”

Heatrae Sadia’s Megaflo HE is the strong market leader in the unvented sector. The company believes this success is due to a number of factors; Megaflo HE’s hot water recovery rates and performance, its internal air gap and floating baffle system, the guarantee and quality of support package offered and the materials used to manufacture the cylinder.

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