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Hep2O has heating Covered


Hep2O® the premier flexible push-fit plumbing system from Wavin has introduced a new Radiator Outlet Cover, designed to help with the problem of inward and outward air leakage behind radiators.

The innovative Hep2O® HX113 Radiator Outlet Cover is designed to fit securely around a 10mm pipe and is easily installed behind the radiator to cover the area where pipes enter the wall – a place commonly associated with heat loss.

When the pipes are installed into the wall, it is often extremely difficult to seal the gaps left around the pipes post installation. This allows heat to escape and air ingress into the walls results in greater energy consumption, higher fuel bills and unnecessary damage to the environment. The HX113 Radiator Outlet Cover is the perfect solution, stopping leakages by ensuring that the vulnerable area is sealed effectively.

Not only does the Hep2O® Radiator Outlet Cover contribute significantly to achieving a successful air tightness test as required by the April 2006 revision of the Part L Building Regulation, but the new range also ensures the home is heated in an energy efficient and cost effective way.

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