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Hepworth Helps Installers in Tricky Places


Hepworth Building Products has launched a new campaign to help the ever increasing number of plumbers working to tight deadlines in awkward spaces around the house.

The growing repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) market means that plumbers are frequently finding themselves completing demanding jobs in difficult locations around the house. Hepworth’s campaign features its Hep20 flexible push fit plumbing system, which offers essential support to plumbers required to work behind sinks, under floorboards, in lofts and other small, confined spaces.

The campaign, which focuses on the benefits of using Hep2O, offering advice and guidance on how best to deal with tight spaces, stars Hepworth’s ‘Flexible Plumber’ character, who also appears on a new website, www.flexibleplumber.co.uk .

Hepworth’s Market Development Manager, Adrian Bristow said: “We hope that through seeing the awkward installations that the ‘Flexible Plumber’ gets himself into, installers will realise that we understand the problems they face every day. Although the site is tongue in cheek, there is a serious message behind it.”

Adds Adrian: “We’re providing information on the range of Hep2O products developed specifically with the installer in mind. Hep2O flexible plumbing is ideal for use in the RMI market and makes long and difficult tasks less awkward. We know that when more installers try the products out for themselves, they will realise the benefits that they can deliver.”

For further information about Hepworth Building Products and its product range please visit www.hepworth.co.uk.

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