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A range of user-friendly underground water meter boundary boxes has been launched by Hepworth Building Products.

Designed for safety and ease of access, HepBox® provides the connection point between mains and household water supply. Taking into account the needs of utility companies, installers, meter readers and pedestrians, HepBox’s® design is based on Hepworth’s extensive expertise in transporting water and composite access cover technology.

HepBox® includes a lightweight access cover, which will support wheel loads of up to 12.5 tonnes, and has an anti-slip tread pattern to reduce the risk of pedestrians slipping in wet or icy weather.

The first product of its type to be both WRc and WRAS approved, HepBox® meets the requirements of the UK water industry specification for boundary boxes, including basic performance and quality control tests.

Installer-friendly features include the product’s two telescopic height adjustments, one to set the height of the box in the trench and the second to establish the final pavement levels. HepBox® can also be supplied with a Universal fitting making it easier and more cost effective to connect to an existing water supply.

Meter readers benefit from the HepBox’s® white guard in its main chamber, which gives better reflectivity of light onto the meter dial for ease of reading. It also has a stainless steel detection plate in the composite lid with a number matrix to help identify the property. All these features are useful to utility companies, who also benefit from HepBox’s® modular construction, which enables Hepworth to customise the product to each utility company’s specific technical and cost requirements. The hinged lid tool has been designed to allow customer badges or company logos to feature as required.

George Robertson, Composites Division – Managing Director, Hepworth Building Products, says: “Hepworth has a long history of supplying products to the water industry, so we are delighted to bring this advanced, customer-friendly product to the market. The introduction of HepBox® means that we now offer a total water, electricity and gas meter box package for the multi-utility market, something which is totally new in the marketplace.”


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