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Hydropath go ‘back to School' with British Gas


Hydropath Holdings has provided training to assist in the education of British Gas engineers. Hydropath, who produce a range of domestic and commercial chemical free water conditioning products, have been involved with British Gas since 1992. Senior members of Hydropath provided a series of training events round the country to British Gas Training Managers. They will, in turn, provide training and information to field engineers, of which British Gas employ over 6,900. The organiser of the training commented, “All the engineers found the training very informative. How physical water conditioners function is a very complex area and there is some scepticism within the industry because the efficacy of some of them is limited at best. Hydropath’s ‘HS38’ unit is the only unit that we would recommend as we have empirical evidence that it actually works. The HS38 is very simple to install to protect a central heating system from limescale, but it has to be placed in the correct location and it was interesting to see a demonstration of exactly why that is.”

British Gas has a number of engineering academies across the country which train engineers in installing, diagnosing and repairing household appliances and central heating systems. An important part of this is educating customers on the importance of avoiding central heating breakdowns. Many parts of the U.K. experience hard water, which can result in scale build up in pipes, reducing the efficiency of the domestic heating system. Limescale compromises the life of the system, increases running costs due to wasted energy, and could lead to a costly repair bill when the boiler breaks down.

British Gas has recommended Hydropath’s domestic HS38 water conditioning unit to its customers for a number of years to improve the efficiency of the domestic boiler with savings on energy bills and preventing expensive breakdowns. The HS38 patented water conditioning system by Hydropath removes limescale by transmitting randomly varying electric fields into the water and the entire plumbing system. The result is the production of nuclei throughout the water system. When the water is heated, the resulting precipitate that usually deposits on hot surfaces grows in suspension and develops as a crystal on the nuclei, which is then washed away in the flow. The treated water is normally able to dissolve existing scale in a few weeks. The HS38 is suitable for use in most domestic applications including open vented combination boilers, mains pressurised unvented and direct fired water heaters, and all domestic appliances throughout the house.

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